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Our focus is on developing unique adventure learning experiences through fun, engaging, safe and meaningful programs.

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Rock climbing & Abseiling

A Climbing, Abseiling or Ropes course activity gives participants a chance to not only have plenty of fun, but provides opportunities to overcome challenges, teach trust, build confidence, strengthen relationships and solve problems.

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Outdoor Education Programs

We offer a range of programs and activities for your school outdoor experience, customizing our abseiling, climbing, mountain biking, bushwalking, camping and aquatic activities to meet your timeframes and outcomes.

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Corporate Team Building

Give your team a fresh, energetic and challenging opportunity to push themselves further. We offer a huge range of challenges that meet a variety of participants needs but will most importantly give the chance for the team to build performance and have some fun.

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Outdoor Skills Training

We provide training programs in multi-pitch rescue, stretcher rescue, cold survival, search and rescue, emergency response and first aid and a whole host of other disciplines. Get in touch and we’ll customize one for you.

Our focus is on developing unique adventure learning experiences through fun, engaging, safe and meaningful programs.

Outdoor Education

Outdoor Adventure & Education

We are passionate about providing young people the opportunity to learn from adventures in the outdoors…

We passionately believe that adventure, experiential learning and education in the outdoors provides a fantastic medium for learning. We believe they are a vital component in the growth and development of young people (and they’re pretty important for those not so young too!). This means we won’t just go on an activity because it’s fun and ‘that’s what we’ve always done in the past’. We’ll teach great hard skills, we’ll have plenty of fun, but it’s the extended learning that we’re interested in. With this in mind we strongly advocate outdoor education as an essential and productive component of every school curriculum.

Recognizing that all students (young and old!) learn in different ways we will tailor a program to best achieve the outcomes you are after, always ensuring it is safe and memorable. The programs we provide are safe and meaningful- if they’re not, we won’t run them. We work very hard to mitigate the risks while allowing the opportunity for students to appropriately engage with challenges of an outdoor environment. One of the best ways we can do this is choosing great staff and supporting them to make solid, safe decisions every single day.  All our staff carry multiple qualifications, many are senior assessors in their field and obviously they all carry minimum requirements such as police checks, child safe training and first aid qualifications. Realistically, this does not set them apart. What sets our staff apart is their hard won experience, enthusiasm for the job and willingness to impart those ‘hard to measure’ skills; problem solving, personal leadership, community impact and many more.

We offer abseiling, climbing, mountain biking, camping, navigation, extended overnight programs and a whole heap more… but that’s enough blowing our trumpet. If you’re interested, get in touch and we’ll talk through some options with you.

View our Outdoor Education gallery

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    Mountain Bike Programs


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    Aquatic Programs


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    Extended Wilderness Programs


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    Young Leader Programs


Corporate Team Building

Leadership & Team Challenges

Working in teams can be complex, challenging, rewarding and fun... just like the custom designed activities we run…

Experiential learning (learning by experiencing) is a great tool in the development of people and a fantastic way to step away from the day to day challenges of the office. It’s definitely not the only one, but used wisely it can be a key component of behavioural change - precisely the reason that we’ll use it to assist in the growth and development of your team.

Once we understand your needs and outcomes we can custom design a team challenge that will safely push, stretch and drive your team dynamic into new places. From crossing Bass Straight to crossing the South parklands we have designed and delivered a huge range of experiences for teams of ten through to ten teams at once! Whether it be delivering to our Government or private clients, all of our challenges have one thing in common – lots of hands-on learning!

All our facilitators have a background in real world leadership (from Antarctic expeditions to Government Departments) and are focused on letting their experiences help guide and shape the development of their participants. We are not interested in trying to apply text book theory to real world problems. We are interested in helping you find practical solutions to the challenges that you face in your organisation every day.

We believe that fun is a vital and sufficient reason for your organisation to leave the office and have some time out. We know from previous experience that even when you didn’t plan it, great learning takes place during ‘fun’ activities. Relationships are developed, barriers are broken and conversations started. It is the first step in developing relationships, and relationships are the foundation of teams.

When you want to take your team further then we can design programs incorporating:

- Leadership in practice
- Teams; theory and reality
- The project life cycle
- Effective communication
- Facilitated conversation

View our Corporate Team Building gallery

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    Adventure Team Challenges


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    Wilderness Team Journeys


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    Challenge Your Fears


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    Get Out for some Fun!



Customised Outdoor Skills Training

Want to learn something new? Our team can offer specialized training in a range of skills and qualifications, all customized to your needs...

We will apply our same fun, engaging teaching style with hard won experience to create a memorable training program for your school or organization. As you might expect from us, it will be hands-on and there won’t be much class room time!

If you’re interested in developing your Roping and Vertical Rescue Skills, we can offer programs in lead climbing, self-rescue, complex team rescue, guiding and instruction and alpine rope skills. Get in touch to have a chat about your needs and we’ll put some ideas together for you.

If you’re interested in either gaining or maintaining your skills in Remote Area First Aid or Wilderness First Aid talk to us about the courses we can offer through our partners.

If you’re interested in becoming a Climbing Guide or Instructor, talk to us about the pathways and options we can offer through our partners.

View our Training gallery

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    Rope Rescue


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    Helicopter Safety


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    Wilderness First Aid


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    SAR Team Rescue


Recognising that all students learn in different ways, we will tailor a program to best achieve the outcomes you are after, always ensuring it is safe and memorable.

About Us

A qualified instructor doesn’t necessarily equal a great instructor.

We believe the ability of instructors to engage their students and impart passion is the biggest influence on the way students will respond to their outdoor experience.

Our team has a huge list of qualifications, experience and skills but the best way to find out is to meet them, so get in touch!

What really sets our staff apart is:
- Their personable and professional approach (every program, every day)
- Their enthusiasm for adventure (they get out there and do it themselves)
- Their impact on young people (hard to quantify, impossible to replace)

And most importantly…
Their ability as amazing teachers, trainers and instructors

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Drop us a line to have a friendly chat about what you’re after. We’re not pushy sales people so if we can’t help, we’ll point you in the right direction.

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