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Welcome to Outgrow

Outgrow is about providing learning opportunities through outdoor adventure experiences. Based in Adelaide, South Australia, Outgrow is built on the 15 years experience in Outdoor Education of its owners, Dan Coletti and Tim Gill. We have designed and operated outdoor adventure programs in every state of Australia and we are passionate about implementing new ideas, locations and activities into our programs. Our strength is in the depth of experience that we bring to every program we create.

Our focus is on developing learning experiences for schools and organizations through fun, engaging and meaningful programs. Recognizing that everyone likes to learn in different ways, we tailor programs to best achieve the outcomes you are after. By the way, when we say tailor, we mean it. With an impeccable safety record because of our focus on behaviour based risk-management rather than endless paper-work, we provide thorough outdoor education experiences that are genuine and leave a lasting impression. We are not interested in delivering what we don’t believe in- we won’t sell the unachievable or hide behind pithy statements and vague outcomes. This is easy to say, but hard to do, so we’ll let the quality of our programs and staff demonstrate the rest. If you’re interested in some of the activities we can incorporate in a program, check out the rest of the site and shoot us an email to find out more!

Latest News

Our busy summer season kicked off again on Sunday with an abseiling and rock climbing group at the cliff. In two weeks we will be hosting a wilderness first aid course for our staff and industry partners to keep our skills sharp. In september we will be launching several new products for our Rock Solid Adventure clients... so all in all, its shaping up to be an exciting and busy summer!!


Wilderness First Aid Course, 2-5 September, Woodside. Contact the office for details...
Nepal!! 2013!!....

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