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Outdoor Education

Outgrow is interested in Growing Better People through learning and adventure…

We passionately believe that adventure, experiential learning and education in the outdoors provides a fantastic medium for learning. We believe they are a vital component in the growth and development of young people (and they’re pretty important for those not so young too!). This means we won’t just go on an activity because it’s fun and ‘that’s what we’ve always done in the past’. We’ll teach great hard skills, we’ll have plenty of fun, but it’s the extended learning that we’re interested in. With this in mind we strongly advocate outdoor education as an essential and productive component of every school curriculum.

The programs we provide are safe and meaningful- if they’re not, we won’t run them. While good planning and risk mitigation play an important role in safe programs we believe the most important factor is choosing great staff and investing in them the responsibility to make solid, safe decisions every single day. No amount of ‘risk management plans’ will replace careful decision making in the field. All our staff carry multiple qualifications, many are Trainers and Assessors in their field and obviously they all carry minimum requirements such as police checks, child safe training and first aid qualifications. Realistically, this does not set them apart. What sets our staff apart is their hard won experience, enthusiasm for the job and willingness to impart those ‘hard to measure’ skills; problem solving, personal leadership, community impact and many more.

Recognizing that all students (young and old!) learn in different ways we will tailor a program to best achieve the outcomes you are after. By the way, when we say tailor, we mean it. We will custom design every program and won’t simply repeat a program because it worked last time. Outgrow provides safe, thorough outdoor education experiences that are genuine and leave a lasting impression. Well that’s enough blowing our trumpet- if you’re interested in some of the activities we can incorporate in a program, check out the list below. It’s definitely not exhaustive so contact us if you don’t see what you’re after.

Vertical Adventures
A Climbing, Abseiling or Ropes course activity gives participants a chance to not only have plenty of fun, but provides opportunities to overcome challenges, teach trust, build confidence, strengthen relationships and solve problems. Utlisiing sites close to Adelaide and interstate we can design programs from 3 hours to multiples days. If you’re after something more than an introduction to the climbing experience, we can offer lead climbing instruction, self-rescue, stretcher rescue and assessment in a variety of disciplines.

Kayaking & Canoeing
Whether it’s an hour skills session or a multi-day expedition, kayaking and canoeing provides great flexibility for an outdoor education experience and allows a wide range of skills and abilities to be catered for. With fantastic waterways in all directions, South Australia and Victoria have some great paddling journeys to choose from.

If you’re after a skills session for your students before a major trip, an entry level seas-kayak experience or a multi-day white water trip, Outgrow can tailor a kayaking or canoeing experience to suit.

Bushwalking is often participants first outdoor experience and provides a great start to learning independent skills in the outdoor environment. Whether it’s a half-day training walk near Adelaide, an overnight walk in the Flinders ranges or a multi-week trek overseas a key component of all Outgrow walking experiences is making the experience enjoyable. Bushwalking is a great way to experience our beautiful world. Often visiting places only accessible by foot, and experiencing the landscape one step at a time.

Alpine Experience
If you’re keen to step it up a gear why not consider a trip to the Australian Alps. We offer programs that will give a great introduction to the Alpine environment including navigation, travel, tents, emergency shelters, ice axe skills & weather.

Foundation Outdoor Skills
Fun, engaging, skill development programs to introduce young people to the foundation skills; navigation, shelter, cooking, first aid & a sense of adventure!

Professional Development
If you’re already a professional working in the outdoors we firstly applaud you for taking up a career that will have a large impact on other people and very little on your bank account! One of the challenges of working in this industry is maintaining and upgrading qualifications as the years pass and the dust settles a little on those hard won skills. Outgrow can provide professional development programs on multi-pitch rescue, stretcher rescue, cold survival, search and rescue, emergency response and first aid.

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